Saturday, March 23, 2013

...except maybe this one thing.

Most of this blog is going to consist of things that my mom, your mom, your friend's mom, your dad's mom and your girlfriends' moms did NOT teach you.  About scrapbooking. Paper crafting. Mixed media. Photography.  Art.  But one thing that I will give a shout out to my mama for is teaching me manners.  Like proper introductions and what not.  So on that note....

How do you do?  I'm Shawna.  Mother, wife, professional, photographer, artist, reader, tree hugging animal loving lover of love. 

I've been scrapbooking since 2006(ish) and took an almost 3 year hiatus during pregnancy and the newborn through toddler years with the kiddo.  But I am back and right back up to my elbows in inks, glues, papers and pens.  And this is my blog.  Welcome. 

What I want this blog to do is bring together like minded people who are interested in documenting their lives through the marriage of photography and paper art.  That's my fancy way of saying that I'm hoping fellow scrapbookers will come over to my blog to get inspiration, share inspiration, learn something, and teach me something. You can even share scrap your mama DID teach you...if your mom was artsy like that.  I want to pick palettes and inspirational photos and create.  I want to see what you create.  I want to challenge myself to start scrapping about myself again.  To scrap the bad and the ugly. Not just the good and the beautiful. I want my scrapbooking to reflect real life.

I'm not the most tech savvy creature on the planet and this whole "blog" thing is not exactly my forte, so feedback is welcome, appreciated and pretty much begged for.  I'm expecting to facepalm myself multiple times a day until I figure this whole gig out.  So let me have it peeps.  Tell me what you think.  Tell me what you'd like to see.  Spread the word and help me make this blog awesome. 

Happy scrapping!

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