Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fun Times (and my first foray with gelatos)

I've been dying to try out gelatos forever and couldn't find them anywhere local.  Finally found a starter kit of Faber Castells and snatched it up!  Watched some youtube videos, looked over some blog posts, and went to town.  They're "so easy" to use....um no.  They're not.  LOL  I ruined about a half a dozen pieces of white cardstock before I got something even slightly usable!  I think it was a paper texture issue and that I need to use a thicker cardstock or watercolor paper.  Anyway, I finally got a nice blend of colors and used the background as my starting point for this week's CSI case file.  I doubled up on this one and used the sketch challenge at Scrap Friends as well.  I am absolutely thrilled with the final product, though, and the effect the gelatos give.  Definitely going to be practicing and using them a lot on future layouts!

Here is this week's CSI case file and the ScrapFriends sketch:

The background is a mix of gelatos and masked stars, with fussy cut silver glittery stars that I cut from ribbon I received in a CSI trim package for winning the role of Star Witness on a prior case file.

I used the white gelato and added a bit of yellow and covered the corrugated cardboard with it, layered some paper and a frame, and added my journaling to a stamped and edged envelope and card behind the photo. The dark brown and white hexagon shapes were fussy cut from paper and meant to be used on a prior project (the other side is orange) as a ferris wheel.  I didn't end up using them but I'm glad I kept them because they helped tie in the dark from from the case file in this layout.

A jeweled brad and a fussy cut stamped arrow finished off the cluster on the bottom.


  1. FABULOUS....glad you've gotten into Gelatos & they really DO get you in, & get easier to use the more you do & they are SOOOO easy....try them for stamping, especially the white one...anyways, I'm distracted from the main game which IS...thanks for joining us at Scrap Friends & this is simply PERFECT for the challenge....love how you've taken the sketch & made it your own:):):)

  2. OMG We can't get gelatos here and i have found the starter pack online... think it will cost me close to a grand so I am humming and hawing - I am glad to hear that it is not as easy as they make it look... that always worries me.... having said all of that I love what you have done here. That background page is just fabulous. Great take on the challenge and I love the blingy stars... fab photo too... who is that with you...not mini Human?

    1. What do you mean close to a grand?!?! I paid $24 for the Faber Castle starter kit! And yes they are really difficult at first! I had a big old pile of discarded paper. That's my sister with me in that pic. I have 2 sisters, and this was me and one of my sisters at my other sister's wedding (wow that's a mouthful LOL).

  3. Great take on the sketch! Oh and you've got gelatos.....something I really want! I love your background....bet you had fun doing that! And fun photo too!

  4. Fabulous photo and a great layout to match. Glad you persisted with the gelatos - the effect is awesome! Thank you for joining us at Scrap Friends!

  5. Great outcome with your Gelatos. I had my first play with them this week too &like yourself, I love them, but I definitely think the key is to gesso your card stock first. I found that let me fix up my mistakes !!!!! Anyway I love this layout. Cheers Di xo

  6. :) your photo made me laugh, such fun page!!! really like the background - I got myself a miniset of Gelatos recently (have on purpose been going past them as I´m afraid I could get addicted ;-)...) so still need to try those out. you did a great job with yours! and the page is really nice - glad you joined in with us at SF :)

  7. This is so cool, and it made me laugh!
    Love the background !