Thursday, October 17, 2013

CF# 93 - Touch the Sky

I haven't been able to do a CSI case file in a few weeks, so it felt great to work with one of Debbi's lovely schemes again!  And, being that it is the 2nd week of the month, there's a fabulous Emma Stafrace sketch as well!  (Unfortunately, while I had the best intentions to follow the sketch, the layout ended up going in a bit of a different direction).  Here's the case file and sketch.

And here's my layout.

I have gone back and forth on this one and whether I love it or hate it, but as often happens when I'm working with mixed media, getting my hands dirty and playing with the different textures and mediums trumps any discipline I have to "see" a page as complete until it's so layered up and over the top that there's no coming back...nonetheless, I love the colors, I love the quote, and this was a TON of fun to create.  (P.S.  I am going to have to order more of those metal birdie clips...I love putting them on my photos like they're my little guardian angels sitting on my shoulder.) ;-)

(I forgot to put the birdie on the pic for this one!)

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. WOW! This is amazing. I love that quote and your guardian angel... so how come your page doesn't look all buckled and warped... Did you use your gelatos? I love the background you created and that is such a pretty photo of you to. I think this is gorgeous.

    1. Thanks, Val!! :-D I used watercolor paper for this one (holy huge difference in how the paper takes the color), but it is still a bit warped because I used A LOT of wet mediums and water. I usually take double sided paint tape after I finish a mixed media layout and smooth it out and tape all the corners and "puffed up" parts to my desk and let it sit so it straightens out a bit. But on the watercolor paper you can't really tell there's warping in photos, thankfully!
      I started out with my blue gelatos for this one, and cut a chunk off, smooshed it up and dissolved it in water. The effect wasn't nearly dark enough though so I ended up dumping some Heidi Swapp mist in with it to darken it up. Then I poured it on, stood the paper up and tapped to get the excess to drip off. Then I dried the hell out of it with my embossing dryer and repeated the same process with some watered down gesso and some yellow acrylic paint.
      I need to get over to your blog, woman! Heading there now. Have you broke out the gelatos yet???

  2. Wow this is stunning Shawna!! Love the background and the quote! I have got my gelatos and haven't the confidence or time to really experiment with seem to have it all under control! Beautiful!!

  3. Love this Shawna! Your background is amazing! Love the colors and texture! inspiring!
    You convinced me to buy gelatos!!! Haven't opened them up yet... but I will soon.

  4. I'm in the middle of gelato-ing, spray misting & stamping a bg & it's an absolute MESS/disaster......thinking of gesso ing the whole lot to make it more blended it was good to see you'd just done this one...which looks AMAZING...& I just loooove that texture you've got going .... Interesting reading ur reply to Val, too. Haven't gone to watercolour paper. Yet!!!!!!