Friday, December 6, 2013

Hello Kitty...

I've been holding on to this photo of a lynx at our local zoo for ages waiting for the right color scheme to scrap it!  Finally, it's here! :)  This week's CSI case file has a drop dead gorgeous winter color scheme and was the perfect opportunity to scrap this magnificent animal and the story behind the photo.  Here is my reveal for CSI case file #101, and details on the case file scene, evidence and testimony prompts.

Here's the amazing case file I had to work with.

All of the colors are there, and for evidence I have ribbon, something shiny, silver accents and circles.  The black framing of the photos and the black ribbon on the top are cut from velvet and photos don't do the softness justice.  For testimony, I journaled about the day I took this photo, which earned honorable mention (3rd place) in our Winter at the Zoo photo contest a few years back.  The journaling is on the white tag behind the photos and reads:

"Sometimes you have to brave the elements to get the perfect shot.  A few years back, I entered the Winter at the Zoo photo contest, and spent a day wandering the zoo in low temps, as the snow fell around me.  I was surprised to find that the animals were all super active and seemed to be loving the zoo…or maybe it was the empty zoo free of most humans that made them so happy.  I was lucky enough to catch this shot of a lynx with a snow covered head, and got an honorable mention for the photo.  What a gorgeous animal…he stood there snow covered and perfectly posed while I photographed him, and then, as if he knew his photo shoot was over, he sauntered away as soon as I put the camera away."


I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  xoxo



  1. Wonderful page Shawna, I love the design, the sprinkling of gems and the touch of velvet and that photo is amazing! :o)

  2. Shawna, another great page from you :)
    Love how clever you are with the title etc.
    Just great <3

  3. Another lovely page Shawna. Love that photo....I just loving watching wildlife shows on awesome!