Monday, September 30, 2013

Gelato detox...

Brace gelatos were used to make these layouts  ;-) I've been using so many different mediums on my backgrounds lately that it was beginning to get hard to convince myself that the page was done...without a drop of ink, gelato, paste or gesso (my four new best friends).  A good friend told me that it would be good for me to challenge myself to abstain from gelatos and the like.  Well, I never back down from a challenge.  But have to admit...I still feel twitchy.  ;-)

These layouts aren't for any design team work or challenge.  They're purely for fun and for capturing the little lady on some recent outings.  One thing I want to start doing more often is getting the funny little things she says down on paper.  That's what this first layout is all about.  Hope you enjoy!

Okay, so there's a eensy weensy amount of mist on this first one.  I misted a heart mask with some trusty HS mists and then ran the masked page through the typewriter to decorate the hearts.
(And yes, there was a snafu with a stamp.  Pretend you don't see it.  ;-)  )

I have another good friend to credit for the title of this second layout.  I had shared this photo and she captioned it perfectly.  Thanks for the title inspiration, girlfriend!


  1. Both simply sensational.... Gelato or those hearts especially the typewritten ones!!! And the title for the second one...perfect!!!!

  2. Oh wow Shawna. Two cool layouts...I love that heart stencil... I think I need to find it :D cool way to do different size and shape hearts... it is the second one that really speaks to me. I love the clean lines and cool design. Not to mention lovely pics... Just awesome.... I think you rose to the challenge :D

  3. wow! this is gorgeous, very clever x

  4. I love both of these! I love what you did with the hearts....must find that stencil! They are sensational.....gelatos or not LOL