Friday, February 7, 2014

CF#109 - The Book Adventure

If you like vibrant colors and books, you're going to LOVE this week's case file over at CSI.  CLICK HERE to play along!  Gorgeous red and blue and yellow and green....and journaling prompts and a scene that challenge you to talk about books...glorious books. :)

Here's the case file:

And here's my take on it.  The good old gelatos and some green acrylic paint set the backdrop for this page, which once again features a good amount of Citrus Twist Kits product.

For my evidence, I used a book page (behind the photo) and heat...and here's where I reveal a little gelato secret.  If you use gelatos, you're probably familiar with the little chunky flecks you get when you try to smush the gelatos and mix them with water to use in liquid/pour form.  Well, if you stick your chunk o'gelato in the microwave with some water for about 5-10 seconds, you get silky smooth, perfectly pourable, paintable sprayable gelato.  (NOTE:  stand watch...I left mine in a bit too long - like 5 SECONDS too long - and bam.  It exploded and I had a lovely blue gelato covered microwave to clean.)  You're welcome. ;-)

For my testimony, used a Roald Dahl quote about books.  I love this quote so is truth.

Here are some closeups:

And there you have it.  Now come play along! :)




  1. You are a brave and adventurous crafter to be nuking the gelatos and thanks for the warning. I usually get around the itty bitty gritty blobs by mixing with hot water. Love your page. From the sweet photo of concentration to the stacked journalling and the vibrant's a knockout :D

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. Love what you did with the gelatos. I would love to try them sometime.

  3. Ah well I am so glad that you did the test run... I love that Helen has also found a way around it too... I am way to conservative with my backgrounds still... I NEED to play. I love the colour splats on the layout they look lovely. A beautiful layout and I love the serious photo of Ireland. Beautiful layout Miss Saucy :D

  4. Wow, gelatos in a microwave! I'm not sure do I dare to try :D

  5. The crafty chemist! Love the gelato story!!!! I ADORE this page! pinning for future inspiration....I absolutely love each and every element!!!

  6. Love the quote and thank you for the gelato hint!!! I'm new to using them but have been frustrated with trying to get them to dissolve! Now I can't wait to try it!