Sunday, February 16, 2014

My first TRUE mixed media layout...

I've been wanting to to try an art journal type of mixed media page for quite some time, but was never really sure how the heck they actually came together...enter Sanna Lippert's tutorial for Scrap Around the World...I love Sanna's tutorials.  I always learn something from them and they inspire me to try new things and grow my technique arsenal.  Of course, I sit there and watch and think to myself "How the hell does she make it look so EASY?!"  Here is her tutorial which inspired me to try a page of my own.

And here is my first attempt at a real mixed media (as in, I pulled every wet and dry medium I own out of my stash lol) layout.  There is gesso, modeling paste (light and regular), stamps, sprays, ink, rub-ons, acrylic paint, cardboard, burlap, washi tape, scrap paper, etc., etc.  If you can name it, it's stuck on this page. ;) I am absolutely thrilled with the end result.

Here is my base layer, over gesso and adhered with Mod Podge.  I just gathered up a bunch of random scraps and stuck them on there.

Then I just started layering.  And layering.  And misting.  And layering.  And stenciling.  And layering.   Oh...and did I mention the layering? LOL

Definitely going to try this type of a layout more often.  This one will go up on the wall in my craft area, to remind me to try new things.  Thanks for looking.  I hope this will inspire some of you to give this type of layout a go too!  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!




  1. WowEEEE Shawna!! That really is sensational and inspiring - loving all those layers and textures, the colour combo and that's a really cool photo of you too. I've just joined up for the Pop & Colours workshops - have you seen those? I reckon if I can learn just a little bit of what those amazing ladies make look so easy I'll be happy :o)

  2. Go you!!! You are now the MM GRUNGE artist as well....& isn't it FUN??? And isn't Sanna AMAZING?? Enough of the rhetorical questions!! LOVE this....especially the sentiments in the title:):)

  3. OMG! Shawna! There really is a little mixedmedia-human inside of you - you are so talented! This is soooo gorgeous, fabulous, wonderful, amazing, inspiring and totally sensational layout with all its layering ;)
    Totally in love with it, want to see more like this from you - although, i still ADORE your "normal" style too <3

  4. WOW! go you this is exquisite. It is fun isn't it.... It is so nice to try different things... I love this style for you.... another one you do so well... Love Sanna's style too. Fab

  5. WOW! You have created wonderfully here, this is exquisite.. amazing textures and colors.. well done, I am sure you will create like this again!

  6. should do this more often! Love that pop of blue too!

  7. WOW! So impressed. Thanks for sharing the process pictures. Neat to see how it transpired. Great title for what you did!!!! Not sure I am there yet. Baby steps!!! Go you!!!!