Sunday, April 14, 2013

Photo Hoarder

I take a lot of pictures.  A LOT of pictures.  And while I have read that every so often you should go through your digital files, clean out the less important photos, and free up some hard drive space, I can't bring myself to do it.   Hello, I'm Shawna.  And I'm a photo hoarder.

(Hi, Shawna.)

Yes, it may look to the untrained eye like I have 10 (okay 20) copies of the same pictures but I swear...there are subtle differences in each.  And I can see them.  So yeah.  I can't click delete.  Anyone else have this issue??

Compounding my hoarding issue is the fact that I am pretty much a one-photo per layout scrapbooker.  I'm really, really trying to get more photos into a layout but I swear when I see a multi-photo sketch I get hives.  But I'm trying.  After a good dose of benadryl to get the hives under control, I tackled this one and managed to squeeze four photos into one 12x12 layout.  And...

I like it!

By the way I headed straight to the store and picked up a new pen after this...lovely thing to run out of ink mid-layout.  Ugh.

Thanks for looking!


  1. LMAO.... I so do the same thing :) However I do not have a problem using loads of photos on a layout :) In fact I used to have a problem just using one photo on a layout... I also never used to do single layouts.... Love how we can change.... Just keep taking the Benadryl... lol... and don't forget to breathe... love your layouts....

  2. Hi Shawna, I confess I am a photo hoarder too, just this past Monday I took 90 pics of my nephew and my daughter alone, non deletable BTW...Love the way you used them in the page!