Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Skull...

One of my favorite things to document is conversations with my daughter.  It never ceases to amaze me how her little brain processes things and makes sense of her surroundings.  When we stumbled across an animal skull during a recent walk, it opened up a whirlwind of questions, theories and ultimately, a conclusion of how it died.  This was a super fun layout to put together (this was made for CSI Case File #67) and I had some laughs reviewing the video I took of that day and reliving the conversation this creepy little skull sparked.

Happy Thursday!

I cut the jaw portion of the skull and popped it out by putting some 3-D zots underneath to add dimension.   Some scrap fibers were put behind the photo to give the illusion of the skull sitting in the grassy field.

Handwritten journaling strips were included to bring the whole layout together...tedious and time consuming but well worth the effort!

Target dollar bin arrow paperclip added to draw attention to the photo and encourage the reader's eye to read the journaling in the direction intended; a mask and paint added to background to simulate dirt.


  1. Super cool page! love the way you journaled the conversation!

  2. Super LO and amazing journaling! Very interesting to read. For me this colors are very difficult. But your Lo with tis colors are fab!