Friday, August 22, 2014

CSI #136 - Books.

Happy Friday!  Ah, I love Fridays.  This was a ridiculously busy and crazy week and I am so happy to have nothing but hanging out on tap for the weekend.  The fair is in town so we might head out to see some animals and ride some rides, but other than that, I'm crossing my fingers for lots of R&R.

Another reason to love Friday?  Another CSI case file ready to be solved!  I cracked this week's case by scrapping one of my favorite solo past times...reading.  I love books and I'll read anything and everything, really. I most frequently read fiction...and National Geographic magazine.  I love me some National Geographic. ;-)

So here's my layout and the case file.  CLICK HERE to see the rest of the design team's reveal.

I found this quote on pinterest and thought it was spot on.  I absolutely love the way it describes books and the way the words are whispered to us right inside our heads.  Carl Sagan nailed it. :)


 I'm too tired for details tonight so I'm just doing a drive by share before I settle in for some mindless t.v.  Enjoy the weekend everyone!




  1. Oh Miss Saucy this is an astonishing layout :) I love the background and the typing onto the background is gorgeous. You are right that quote speaks exactly as to why I also love to read. That photo is just mind blowing. I love it. I think you nailed this one. Seems like forever since I was here. I feel like I am constantly chasing my tail these days and it is not a nice feeling :( I didn't get time to play with this one but when I looked at it I would have gone the same route as you. Solitary endeavour :D xoxox

  2. Hope your weekend is going according to plan. Or no plan at all, as the case may be!!! LOOOVE that quote, & even more, loving the printish layers & your photo is delightful...well, to me anyways:):)

  3. Wonderful page Shawna! I agree books are wonderful and I never leave home without one!