Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mini Me.

While this is not the most flattering post-baby photo of me ever, I'm still glad that the hubs sneaked a photo of me sleeping with our little lady when she was still itty bitty because it shows perfectly how similar we are in our mannerisms.  To say this kid is a mini me is truly the understatement of the century.  Since the moment she was born, she has been like a little reflection of me.  Back when she was a baby, it was mostly just mannerisms.  These days, it's the whole shebang.  She looks like me, she talks like me, she walks like me, and I swear she even thinks like me.  I have not yet decided whether this will be an advantage or a hindrance come the teen years... ;-)

So here's a layout memorializing those early similarities.  I love my mini me. :) Thanks for having a look!

(PS.  When you leave here, stop over to Terhi Koskinen's blog for a fantastic way to get natural lit photos of your work...I wish I had seen her post prior to photographing this project, as it would have eliminated the shading in the lower left of my page, but I will definitely be using her technique on future layouts!)



I pulled out my Sew-Easy kit to do the stitching across the top of the page.  I don't get as much use out of it as I thought I would, but it does help to perforate the paper in the stitch design of your choosing and definitely makes poking the needle through a lot less of a pain (literally).


  1. Shawna, so glad I can help :)
    Thank you for mentioning me! Love your layout, you inspire me to scrap my old baby pictures :)
    *hundred hugs* <3

  2. Aaaw it's a lovely page Shawna and funny enough, I'm about to scrap some seriously unflattering post-baby pics of me - they're WAY worse than this.
    Amazing how you look so similar already :o)

  3. Love your page, Shawna. So soft, great colors and great choice of materials.

  4. It looks great-----& lucky you having a mini you around:):).... I just bought a stitcher kit, & haven't used it much yet, either....but I DO like it:):):)))

  5. Lovely soft layout. My daughter is not a mini me....she is way taller....doesn't look like me ....more organised ......different colour hair and way more clever then me! I have decided she is one lucky person!

  6. Eek that is the coolest photo ever... My son took one of Lin sleeping the first day home to show us who Paigie takes after... definitely Mama... she was pissed because it is not a very nice photo but maybe we can get a nicer one of them together when the babies come home...
    Like mother like daughter... be careful what you wish for lmao it does come back and bite you in the bum during the teenage years... but never fear they grow out of those years and into a halfway decent human being :D :D :D my DD is a chip off the old block in looks and my son is me in nature :D such a fun layout and I am glad that you scrapped it. You have dark hair in the photo too...? or is it just shadow... any way I love it.